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Lion Dr. Ashok Kumar Jain
President 2008-09 & 2009-10

February, 2010 Report

Lions Club Agra City Events

February, 2010

Notice for the Seventh general meeting

Notice for the seventh general meeting was issued by the Secretary. The meeting shall be merged with the District's PDG honour program to be held on Wednesday 24th February, 2010 at 8.00 P.M. at Triveni Green Resort, Fatehabad Road, Agra.

Excerpt of the Minutes of the Sixth general meeting held on 16.1.2010

The sixth general meeting was held on Saturday, the 16th January, 2010 at 7.00 P.M. at Hotel Usha Kiran Palace, Pratappura, Agra.


  1. Lion Dr. Ashok Kumar Jain, President
  2. Lion Er. Vinod Kumar Rajauria, Imm. Past President
  3. Lion Er. Nemi Chand Gupta, First Vice President
  4. Lion Chandra Prakash Singhal, Charter President & Secretary
  5. Lion Vikas Agrawal, Second Vice President
  6. Lion Er. Satish Babu Paliwal, Third Vice President
  7. Lion Er. Dau Dayal Agrawal, Treasurer
  8. Lion Er. Raj Bahadur Agrawal, Director
  9. Lion Govind Saran Singh, Member
  • The President Dr. Ashok Kumar Jain welcomed the members. Charter President Lion Chandra Prakash Singhal orated Dhwaj Vandana along with all the members present.
  • The Board passed the minutes of the Fifth general meeting held on 16th January, 2010 unanimously.

  • Secretary Lion C.P. Singhal tabled the Income-Expenditure statement of 2008-09 provided by the President Lion Dr. A.K. Jain. The house discussed and passed the accounts unanimously.
  • Secretary Lion C.P. Singhal tabled the account statement of J&K tour of the members in August, 2009 provided by President Lion Dr. A.K. Jain. The house discussed the accounts and passed it unanimously.
  • secretary Lion C.P. Singhal and Treasurer Lion D.D. Agrawal tabled the Income-Expenditure account of the club for the period July, 09 to December, 2009. The house passed the accounts unanimously after brief discussion.
  • Discussion on the venue and date for the proposed Eye Camp and on Oxygen project were postponed for the next meeting.
  • Charter President & Secretary Lion C.P. Singhal and First Vice President Lion N.C. Gupta tabled the resignation letter of President. The house discussed the matter and assured full cooperation to the President and voted for full confidence in the President. The President Lion Dr. A.K. Jain then thanked the house and withdrew his resignation on the insistance of the house.
  • The meeting was called off after National Anthem, followed by fellowship and dinner.

Projects Activities

Lions Prayas School
  • The Club paid salary to the teachers.

Oxygen Cylinder Service
  • In February, 2010, four patients availed this facility.

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